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    ​- Lukas Christoph Baumann - 

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Introducing LCB​ Direct

LCB Direct was established by me, Lukas Baumann, in 1990 arising from my extensive and ongoing work -life and sport - adventure experiences in Switzerland, the European Community, the USA, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Asia Pacific.

LCB Direct is both a private platform and database comprising of a personally built network of people I have met throughout my life.

Today, LCB Direct through its unique connections enjoys an enviable, global reputation.

Who can benefit

Individuals and entrepreneurs, domestic and overseas corporations or startups – seeking for an experienced and established network or are after access to hidden or unknown territories, markets, ideas and contacts.

People thinking outside of the box are most welcome to get involved in projects and opportunities.

A personal example

As a challenge and sabbatical I decided to drive my car the whole way from Switzerland to Australia which became an epic journey resulting in TV and Media coverage in all of the countries I travelled through.

Latest engagements

As a result of background, experience and the epic journey, I focus more and more on entering the future together with people in my network.